What is the Falcon Athletic Fund's Giving Tuesday?
Air Force Athletics & the Falcon Athletic Fund's Giving Tuesday is an annual daylong fundraising event. For 24 hours, Falcon Nation will come together to provide critical funding to support our cadet-athletes. 100% of funds raised will directly impact the cadet-athletes of the program you designate, or all 1,000 Air Force cadet-athletes when donating to the Excellence in Athletics Fund.

Why should I participate?
During these uncertain times private support is more important than ever. If you and your family are in the position to give, your support will continue to provide our 1,000 cadet-athletes a world-class intercollegiate athletic experience. Your gift does not only provide crucial financial support, but shows our cadet-athletes the number of graduates, parents and fans that stand behind them during these challenging times.

Where can I give to make the most impact right now?
Every gift makes a difference, no matter which program or aspect of Air Force Athletics you support. While no one sport or fund is more important, we would recommend taking a look at our matching gifts to double your impact. If your favorite Falcon program does not have a matching gift, look at our hourly challenges to see when you can help your program of choice win $5,000!

Is there a minimum gift amount?
On Giving Tuesday there is no minimum gift amount, however, we do recommend a minimum donation of $20.21. 

What if I don't live in Colorado?
You do not have to be in Colorado to make an impact. On Giving Tuesday in 2020, we received at least one gift from all 50 states. Be sure to follow our State Heat Map to see how many gifts we have received from each state!

I can't make a big gift, can my support really make a difference?
Absolutely, your gift really does make a difference. On Giving Tuesday in 2020, we raised a record $382,348 from 659 gifts, with 223 of those gifts being $100 or less. When you combine your gift with a matching gift, daily or hourly challenge, you double your impact and shows your support of our cadet-athletes and their mission.

What are the Sport Specific matching gifts?
Sport specific matching gifts have been generously provided by annoymous donors for that individual program. Matching gifts challenge a program's supporters to reach a certain number of donors to be unlocked. Be sure to visit our Giving Tuesday home page or the Matching Gifts page to see which programs have a matching gift. If you are interested in providing a matching gift, please contact the Falcon Athletic Fund at giving@airforceathletics.org.

What are the All-Day & Hourly challenges?
There are two all-day challenges and three hourly challenges on Giving Tuesday! Each challenge gives you you the opportunity to engage with your favorite intercollegiate program and help provide an additional $5,000 in support.

All-Day Challenges:

  • Long-Distance Challenge: The intercollegiate program that receives a gift from a donor that lives the farthest distance away from USAFA will receive an additional $5,000
  • 90% Parent Challenge: ANY intercollegiate program that receives a gift from 90%+ of their cadet-athlete families will receive an additional $5,000

Hourly Challenges:

  • Most Gifts from Alumni: 8:00-9:00 AM MST -- The intercollegiate program that receives the most gifts from athletic-alumni during this hour will receive an additional $5,000
  • Most New Donors: 12:00-1:00 PM MST -- The intercollegiate program that receives the most gifts from first-time donors during this hour will receive an additional $5,000
  • # of Gifts Overall: 4:00-5:00 PM MST -- The intercollegiate program that receives the most gifts overall during this hour will receive an additional $5,000

What else can I do to participate in the Falcon Athletic Fund's Giving Tuesday?
Thank you for doing more! You can spread the word before and during Giving Tuesday, forward emails to friends & post on social media. Be sure to use the hashtag #AFGivingTuesday.

If I make a pledge on Giving Tuesday does that count towards the leaderboard numbers?
Your entire pledge commitment will count towards Giving Tuesday totals, however, only your first payment will be allocated towards any matching gift challenges. 

Whom do I contact with additional questions?
Email any additional questions to giving@airforceathletics.org or call 719.333.4545.